Power Equipment Mechanics

On or off the road, recreational vehicles like motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs create a growing demand for individuals trained to service them. Add lawn and garden equipment and the demand is very high.

This program teaches you the basic principles of maintenance, repair and operation of small internal combustion engines for lawn and garden equipment, chainsaws and recreational vehicles.

Skills Learned

  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair of Small Internal Combustion Engines
  • Mechanical Principles of the 2-stroke & 4-stroke Cycle Engines
  • Repair & Maintenance of: Fuel, Ignition, Power Drive Systems, Transmissions, Differentials, Bearings and Wheels
  • Safety Standards


College Credits

Advanced standing and technical training available at Motorcycle Marine Institute (MMI).

Program Highlights

  • Troubleshoot, repair, overhaul and assemble gas engines (both 4 cycle and 2 cycle engines) and power-driven transmissions
  • Service air-cooled engines, lawn mowers, garden tractors, recreational equipment, construction equipment and complex hydraulic systems
  • Operate a wide range of modern agricultural and industrial equipment using the same equipment and techniques as professional mechanics

Career Focus

Prepared for further education and immediate employment in mechanized equipment maintenance.


  • Power Equipment Repair Shop Mechanic
  • Recreational Vehicle Sales & Repair
  • Lawn & Garden Tractor Sales & Repair
  • Shop Parts & Service Representative
  • Factories producing engines & other equipment

Power Equipment Mechanics