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Name Teaching Area School Phone/Ext Email
Ackley, Shelly Language Arts Instructor High School 42811 Email
Adams, Jim Part-time Distribution Center High School 42933 Email
Ash, Danielle Preschool Parent Coordinator ECE 42600 Email
Banichar, Robert Welding Instructor Adult Education 42312 Email
Bauerdick, LeAnne Math Instructor High School 42821 Email
Beal, Darin Industrial Diesel Mechanics Instructor High School 42731 Email
Belcik, Molly VOSE Coordinator High School 42845 Email
Bellomy, Linda Secretary-Receptionist Administrative Center High School 42210 Email
Brenneman, Luke Technology Coordinator High School 42992 Email
Bridenbaugh, Joe ConNext Coordinator/Instructor High School 419-545-0188 Email
Brocwell, Grant Masonry Instructor High School 42784 Email
Brooks, Heather Crawford County DD Assistant Instructor High School 42542 Email
Brown, Paul Collision Repair Instructor High School 42732 Email
Bruce, Kris Family & Consumer Science Instructor Crestline 419-683-3647 Email
Burgess, John High School Teaching Professions High School 42847 Email
Burtscher, Dan EMIS Coordinator High School 42822 Email
Burtscher, Rene VOSE Coordinator High School 42502 Email
Calhoon, Jim Assistant Director of High School High School 42203 Email
Carpenter, Kerra Medical Office Instructor High School 42741 Email
Cauley, Mike Engineering Foundations Instructor Col Crawford 419-562-4666 Email
Clark, Jessica Science Instructor High School 42831 Email
Coleman, Kevin Transportation Academy Computer Lab Instructor High School 42733 Email
Cooper, Ann Student Services Secretary High School 42301 Email
Cooper, John Math Instructor High School 42823 Email
Cooper, Susan Math Instructor High School 42824 Email
Cosker, Mary Language Arts Instructor High School 42819 Email
Cottom, Charmae Language Arts Instructor High School 42812 Email
Crain, Terri Health Assistant Instructor / NATP Coordinator High School 42744 Email
Crall, Katie Job Leads Coordinator High School 42941 Email
Daugherty, Darlene Cosmetology Instructor High School 42781 Email
Davis, Karen STEP Program Instructor High School 42561 Email
Davisson, Karrie Library Media Specialist High School 42912 Email
Dichtl, Bill Graphic Arts Instructor High School 42711 Email
Donahue, Karen Board Office Receptionist High School 42100 Email
Dornbirer, Dan Counselor High School 42253 Email
Dzugan, Martin Supervisor High School, Adult Education 42302 Email
Easler, Laurie Counselor High School 42257 Email
Eggeman, Bobbi Language Arts Instructor High School 42815 Email
Eichorn, Katie Science Instructor High School 42833 Email
Eisenhauer, Randall Vo-Ag Instructor Shelby 27116 Email
Eldridge, Julie Adult Education Secretary Adult Education 42300 Email
Endsley, Randy Counselor High School 42256 Email
Escalera, Crystal Counselor High School, Adult Education 42254 Email
Fiske, Kathleen Language Arts Instructor High School 42813 Email
Flannery, Rob Industrial Electricity Technician Instructor High School 42191 Email
Follett, Jay Math Instructor High School 42825 Email
Foltz, Nancy Success Center High School 42076 Email
Fortman, Jason Food Service Manager High School 42451 Email
Foss, Daniel IT Support Instructor High School 42713 Email
Fraley, Taryn Family & Consumer Sciences Instructor Shelby 27104 Email
Funigiello, Jeffrey Media Communications Instructor Bucyrus 419-562-7721 Email
Galley, Adam VOSE Coordinator High School 42511 Email
George, Dan Criminal Justice Instructor High School 42785 Email
Getz, Katie Project Search Job/Ohio Health MedCentral High School Email
Grau, Sandra Horticulture Instructor High School 42771 Email
Gregory, Nicole Cosmetology Instructor High School 42783 Email
Grimwood, Mike Maintenance Coordinator High School 42401 Email
Gunder, Sharon Custodial/Security High School 42405 Email
Gwin, Stephanie Social Studies Instructor High School 42843 Email
Hager, Robin Social Studies Instructor High School 42841 Email
Hanning, Matt Engineering Design Instructor High School 42751 Email
Hartwell, Bob Distribution Center Coordinator High School 42931 Email
Harvey, Rick Power Equipment Mechanics Instructor High School 42734 Email
Hauck, Kathy Adult Education Email
Helbert, Gabe Social Studies Instructor High School 42842 Email
Hicks, Chris Math Instructor High School 42826 Email
Hoffman, Michael Vo-Ag Instructor Wynford 419-562-7828 / 261, 228 Email
Huffman, Ellen Custodial/Security High School 42408 Email
Humphrey, Joanne High School Email
Hunt, Vickie HSTW/Career Pathways Specialist High School 42921 Email
Hurst, Tina Administrative Secretary High School 42200 Email
Jennings, Crystal Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor Wynford 419-562-7828 x218 Email
Jensen, Brandi Nurse High School 42951 Email
Johnson, Phillip Food Science Instructor High School 42772 Email
Karl, Chris Precision Machining Instructor High School 42752 Email
Kimmel, Becki Superintendent Secretary High School 42101 Email
King, Korry Custodian/Security High School 42412 Email
Kleman, Taffy Child Nutrition/Food Service High School 42453 Email
Knight, Jane GRADS Instructor High School 42961 Email
Koschnick, Barb WIA Youth Program Instructor - Crawford County Adult Education 419-562-8066 X316 Email
Kowalski, Kris Director of Operations High School 42202 Email
Kurtzman, Anne Performing Arts Instructor High School 42788 Email
Laughbaum, Cheri Health Foundations Instructor Bucyrus 12114 Email
Legg, Marie Child Nutrition/Food Service High School 42452 Email
Lewis, Aaliya Intervention Aide High School Email
Lewis, Rodney IT Field Technician High School 42994 Email
Love, Lori Intervention Aide High School 42531 Email
Madison, Brian Engineering Foundations / PLTW High School 42768 Email
Magers, Jennifer Special Needs Coordinator High School 42501 Email
Markley, Cindy High School 42307 Email
Marquart, Dolores WIA Youth Grant Instructor (Crawford County) Adult Education 419-545-0166 Email
Martin, Tessa Vo-Ag Instructor Wynford 419-562-7828 / 226, 228 Email
May, Mark High School Email
McClish, Cindy Health/P.E. Instructor High School 42975 Email
McGee, Mercedes Language Arts Instructor High School 42814 Email
Meisse, Lindi Early Childhood Education Instructor ECE 42761 Email
Millward, Mike Exercise Science / Sports Medicine Instructor High School 42787 Email
Moritz, Lynette Media Communications Instructor High School 42712 Email
Myers, Melissa Dental Assisting Instructor High School 42743 Email
Neumann, Lindsay Language Arts Instructor High School 42816 Email
Nichols, Becky Hospitality Services Instructor High School 42762 Email
Nickoli, Greg Superintendent High School 42102 Email
Niese, Christina Attendance Secretary High School 42230 Email
Nolen, Caleb Custodial/Security High School 42411 Email
Ogborn, Dave Custodial/Security High School 42403 Email
Owen, Kenny Distribution Center Receiving Coordinator High School 42932 Email
Owen, Melinda Student Services Secretary High School 42250 Email
Parkinson, Charlene Educational Consultants Adult Education 419-347-7744 / 42311 Email
Parr, Matt Supervisor - Satellites High School 42206 Email
Paullin, Donald Supervisor High School 42204 Email
Payne, Jeff Maintenance/Security High School 42404 Email
Penwell, Colton Science Instructor High School 42836 Email
Perry, Donnie Microsoft Office Instructor High School 42817 Email
Predieri, Gene Part-time Custodial High School Email
Purvis, Vickie Family & Consumer Science Instructor Bucyrus 419-562-7721 Email
Ransom, Carey Cosmetology Instructor High School 42782 Email
Raphael, Noelle VOSE Coordinator High School 42513 Email
Raphael, Stephen Science Instructor High School 42834 Email
Rhine, Tina Language Arts Instructor High School 42818 Email
Ritchie, Marianne Web Page Design & Programming Instructor High School 42714 Email
Roberts, Dawn Medical Technologies Instructor High School 42742 Email
Roberts, Stephanie Director/Preschool Lead Teacher ECE 42601 Email
Rodenbaugh, Wendy Math Instructor High School 42827 Email
Ross, Alan Custodial/Security High School 42413 Email
Rowlinson, Kara Payroll Clerk High School 42107 Email
Sabourin, Kathy Student Services/EMIS Secretary High School 42251 Email
Sallee, Deb Toddler Lead Teacher ECE 42602 Email
Schieber, Josh Production Ag Instructor Col Crawford 419-562-6755 Email
Schroeder, Mike Maintenance/Security High School 42402 Email
Schumacher, Linda Treasurer High School 42104 Email
Schwemley, Gwen Family Consumer Science Instructor Shelby 26103 Email
Sears, Alan Math Instructor High School 42828 Email
Shifley, Ellen VOSE Coordinator High School 42503 Email
Smith, Jim Social Studies Instructor High School 42791 Email
Smith, Mike Environmental Services Instructor High School 42763 Email
Sorenson, Jim Career Pathways Specialist/Data Collection High School 42922 Email
Spayde, Catherine Library Aide/HSTW-Career Development High School 42913 Email
Spitler, Scott Engineering Foundations / Industrial Technology Instructor Lucas 419-892-2291 Email
Sprang, Shannon Supervisor - Academics High School 42252 Email
Stacklin, Beckie Assistant Treasurer High School 42106 Email
Stacy, Robin Family & Consumer Science Instructor Galion 12113 Email
Stephens, Rick Home Remodeling Instructor High School 42723 Email
Stevens, Kip Welding Instructor High School 42753 Email
Stewart, Jenifer VOSE Coordinator High School 42512 Email
Stichler, Kalyn Math Instructor High School 42829 Email
Studer, Melanie Family & Consumer Sciences Instructor Col Crawford 419-562-4666 Email
Such, Dave Automotive Technology Instructor High School 42735 Email
Tackett, Jodie Business & Administrative Services Instructor Bucyrus 419-562-7721 Email
Thornton, Julie Crawford County DD Assistant Instructor High School 42541 Email
Walsh, Nita Infant Lead Teacher ECE 42604 Email
Warner, Maleesa Family & Consumer Sciences Lucas 419-892-2291 Email
Wechter, Kevin Custodian/Security High School 42407 Email
Weibel, Seth Culinary Arts Instructor High School 42764 Email
Weirich, Bruce Engineering Foundations / Industry Technology Instructor Crestline Email
Wiening, Rita College-NOW Business Administration Instructor High School 42715 Email
Williams, Cheryl Crawford County DD Class Instructor High School 42543 Email
Winbigler, Eric Homeland Security & Terrorism Instructor High School 42786 Email
Wolf, Kenneth Production Ag Instructor Lucas 419-892-2291 / 235 Email
Woods, Alexandra Science Instructor High School 42835 Email
Yohe, John Science Instructor High School 42832 Email
Young, Jolene Supervisor High School 42205 Email
Young, Sherry Support Secretary High School 42201 Email
Zehner, Paul School Resource Officer High School 42911 Email
Zimmerman, Doug Carpentry Instructor High School 42724 Email